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General comments:

You are not just my teacher but a very important friend and an integral part of my HSC. Everything you have taught me not only helped me in math but helped me expand my ways of thinking in many other aspects of life. I looked forward to your lessons as you made Math fun and enjoyable. I will never forget the powerpoint presentations and the interesting sounds with them. Math soon became my favourite subject and you became my favourite teacher. You kept me motivated until the very end and cannot express the sincere gratitude I owe you for this. Once again thanks for everything and I hope to help others like you helped me.

(Eugene Kim, Fort Street HS)

Terry, you have not just been our teacher but a very important friend and an INTEGRAL part of our HSC. You helped us d/dx (= DIFFERENTIATE) between right and wrong and helped us EXPAND our ways of thinking not only in math but in all aspects of life. We cannot EXPRESS the sincere gratitude we all owe you for this. As a small token of appreciation, sqrt(-1) (= i), on behalf of the Terry Lee class, would like to present these gifts. We hope, I mean we KNOW that we are your best students and always will be. Thank you for everything Sir.

(Eugene Kim's speech, in the 2009 end-of-year cruise)

Thank you so much for all your help, support, wisdom and insight that you passed on to us this year. We won't be where we are now without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Hope we keep in touch.

(Jacky Pei, St George Girls HS)

Words cannot describe the gratitude I bear you. You have been an important part of my success in HSC Mathematics. You made Maths seem so simple with your straightforward methods and invaluable tips and tricks; Moreover, from you, I learnt the value of hard work and dedication. Most of all, I will miss your anecdotes, sense of humor and glowing smile. You taught me that Maths teachers can be fun, dynamic people.

You have 110% lived up to what many people claim you are: The best Maths tutor in Sydney. From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely thank you.

(Sriram Jeyaraman, Sydney Boys HS)

I just wrote to thank you for all your help this year. You've taught me the best way to learn is to do it myself, and by going through each example individually, starting easy and increasing into immense (and horrible!) difficulty by the end of the lesson, it has really motivated me to take charge of my own learning. It is not only the maths you have taught, but the patient attitude towards not only maths but all types of learning difficulties I'll come across later in life. All problems must be tackled on using all the knowledge and starting out step by step, breaking a really tough question down into little parts as you showed really helped. In my HSC preparation I was actually EAGER to tackle question 7 and 8s in past papers, and the feeling of being on the right track when checking solutions is just fantastic.

(Angela Choi, Fort Street HS)

Thanks for helping me with those questions I emailed to you... Really appreciate your help. I have to say regardless of how well or poorly I do in maths ... you are the best maths teacher any student can have !!

(Stephanie Lam, Baulkham Hills HS)

You have been a major part of my success in the HSC. Ever since I joined your class I got to learn a lot of not only Mathematics but also in other various aspects of the HSC. Through your intensive work my confidence and hence my marks eventually rose in both Ext 1 and 2. I end up achieving E4 in both units!

Sir, your dedication to Maths taught me the importance of work ethics. By applying the work ethic I was also able to achieve success in my other subjects. I could never sincerely thank you enough for your influence and help.

(Abhishek Sharma, Homebush HS)

Sir, Q8 in 1999 paper has exact trig. ratio evaluation stuff and I can do it from the start to the end thanks to your method.

(Tim Lee, Carlingford HS)

You certainly are what people boast about: the best Maths teacher around, although my shocking UAI was not reflective of it. Thank you for all your help.

(Cameryn Doan, Birrong Girls HS)


The following comments are received from the 2003 - 2006 seminars. In 2007, the seminar was conducted for HSC coaching school students only.


Comments from the 2006 Seminar

I really want to thank you immensely for your help with 4 unit Maths this year. You totally opened my eyes to a whole new world. It was like learning a whole new language which brought with it an amazing new way of thinking.

(Alice Shroers, PLC)

The session was very helpful and beneficial. The session is an experience not to be found in Maths textbooks or Maths lessons at school. I enjoyed it very much.

(Anna HanhNhu Cao, Cabramatta HS)

I really think that the DVD is a big time saver. It contains so much information I've always needed to gather.

(Peng Chen, The Kings School)

The tricks and tips given and short cuts for several topics were very handy in helping me doing the questions more quickly yet still accurately. I felt that we moved quickly through the materials however. yet overall it was a very worthwhile seminar. The notes and DVD were very very useful, very good set of summaries and especially the trial and HSC past papers. Thanks, Terry.

(Andrew D'Azevede, Caringbah HS)

Thank you so much. You made sense all the way through and given the time limits, I got way out of this more than I had expected.

(Katy Zhu, North Sydney Girls HS)

I found the session very useful. I will definitely be using your alternative methods. The pacing for some parts was fast for me but I am sure when I review the PopwerPoint on the DVD I should be OK. I definitely think I will be more confident teaching Extension 2 in the future.

(Mr Kon Kritikos, teacher)

I believe your constant reference to past HSC questions and what could be expected in the 2006 HSC is invaluable to the students. You have so many shortcuts in your repertoire that will enable students to move much faster through difficult questions in the HSC. For the slow coaches like me, a few of your messages were missed. However, you cater well for this by giving us a copy of your PowerPoint presentation.

(Mr Daniel Ovens, teacher)


Comments from the 2005 Seminar:

I found the seminar useful - as it taught me easy tricks that I can apply when doing curve sketching problems. The slideshow was very interesting (especially the sound effects) and made the whole day more enjoyable and fun. I also liked how the curve sketching method was broken down so that the whole process of curve sketching is manageable, rather than daunting.

In short, the seminar was fun and interesting. Good tips and tricks.

(Karyn Lee, Strathfield South HS)

I was very pleased with the seminar as it helped me understand alot more. It was great revision and I found it very interesting and entertaining. The notes will be of great use to me for future study and the tricks we learnt will be very useful in my exams.

The slideshow proved to be very useful as it helped me understand different concepts alot better. At times, it was hard to understand some of the concepts I hadn't seen before so a deeper explanation would have been more useful. But overall, the seminar was great.

(Natasha Stojanovska, Moorefield Girls HS)

From the first day it was clear that one of Terry Lee's philosophy is to make maths simple, and he did. I thoroughly enjoyed the not only educational but also entertaining sessions. The homework and clear solutions also help to consolidate the days learning.

Your methods of teaching, i.e. the shortcuts, hints, etc. are most valuable. Your insights into how examiners think and also your entertaining and amusing attitude add life to the intensive education I have received.

(Lida Diep, Moorefield Girls HS)

I had alot of fun this week. The calm, relaxed environment was great for learning. The seminar helped me to revise the Extension 2 topics covered earlier in the year, and your teaching method was great. It would have been better to revise some of the harder sections of topics that were left out such as the harder types of partial fractions and the reduction formula, but this was understandable due to time constraints.

(Malay Rana, Hurlstone Agricultural HS)

It was great revision before the Trials. The homework tasks were quite challenging, but the worked solutions in the book helped when I had trouble with some of them. The CD also helps as I can refer to it if and when I can't do a particular style of questions.

Possibly the only down-side of the seminar was that there was alot to cover and so little time. So I felt that the tutorials were a little rushed. But this would be expected as we had to cover 8 topics in 15 hours.

(Kirishanth Kularajah, Fort Street HS)

The curve sketching topic now is very simple, thanks to your excellent guide graph method.

The seminar was an excellent revision for the 4-unit course. It covered all the major areas quite satisfactorily and all the tricks have made the course much simpler. The CD was a good aid to learning. It provides a good visual representation for all the different aspects of the course. The book is also very good as it has plenty of challenging HSC questions as well as the five sample papers. It is an excellent resource.

(Gokulan Karanasaladeva, Fort Street HS)

I thought the seminar was very entertaining and worthwhile. I like the tutorial book which gives me an opportunity to use the tricks I learnt each day and apply them directly on HSC exam style questions. The valuable notes included in this book are good for reference in the future. The slideshow provides step by step solutions. The chocolate and prize money is also a good idea to get people involved and actively thinking.

(Ronda Grace, Moorefield Girls HS)

This is a well-structured review course, which covers most topics and many tricks which will help with working out questions quickly. Very helpful.

I found that some topics were taught through too quick because my school has not taught them yet.

(Kelly Sun, Sydney Girls HS)

Comments from the 2004 Seminar:

Excellent revision on all topics. The revision was very helpful in terms of teaching us tricks and short cuts to both 4u and 3u courses. The most impressive was the method of doing Partial Fractions that would otherwise involve tedious algebra.

(Si Huan Chen, Sydney Technical HS).

I 'd just like to thank you for your invaluable help over the last three days. Your "tricks" and fast methods have really exposed me to many new and interesting mathematical concepts and ways of thinking - I have no doubt (if I practise them enough!) that they'll help to improve my UAI. Thank you again for making mathematics simpler (it's still not simple, as you claim!), and for enhancing my understanding and knowledge of both the 3 and 4 unit courses.

(Jade Schroers, written on day 3 of the 4-day seminar)

Thank you again Terry. The seminar has been enlightening. Most of all, I love your method of Partial Fractions and Guide Graphs. Thank you for making me welcome and thank you also for your interesting and easy approach to Mathematics. 

(Jade Schroers, PLC)

Thank you for teaching me in these past few days. I have learnt a lot of things. I felt the pace you set was good and even when I couldn't understand certain questions, it was good you were able to offer that individual help.

(Samantha DeSouza, PLC)

I thought that the seminar was good, as were the tips for writing concise answers to certain questions, although at times it seemed a little rushed. Perhaps increasing the seminar's length to 4 hours or five days would fix this problem.

(Justin Simon, Oakhill College)

I found this holiday course worthwhile because of the insight it gives into how the HSC is marked, not just how to do the work. I also found my knowledge of "Applications of Calculus" improved significantly after this seminar.

(Greg Czaban, Liverpool Boys HS)

Indeed a very useful seminar, hands-on, fun, enjoyable and profitable. The use of music was good and the use of prizes was even better. Slides were well planned and easy to read and the presenter was very coherent and easily heard and understood. I learnt many tricks and more importantly enjoyed the experience. It wasn't an effort to wake up early during my holidays. My only criticism would be the amount of writing space in the workbook. Overall a beau class and well worth the time and money. 24 hours of Maths and I am still alive. Thanks, Mr. T.

(Luke Owen, Newington College)

I found your seminar very useful. I think overall it was a worthwhile experience. Partial fractions is one of the best shortcuts I've seen. I found out about your seminar through a number of your students, but I knew about your coaching for quite some time, except not knowing whether it was worthwhile and I am having coaching on the same day anyway, so I chose not to go. In some aspects I regret not going to your tuition sooner. Everything seems so well organised and constructive. 

(Sandy Cai, Hurlstone Agricultural HS)

The seminar has helped me revise and learn the majority of the math course. I really enjoy learning the tips and tricks, especially for curve sketching.

(Ankur Wadhwa, Sydney Technical HS)

The seminar was very educational and targeted essential issues in HSC questions. The textbook gave an overall indication of types of questions asked for various topics. The seminar also allowed students to identify areas which they need to work more on. In conclusion, the seminar was beneficial and increased my knowledge of Maths.

(Diem Tran, St George Girls HS)


Comments from the 2003 seminar:

I just want to tell you that I was really impressed by the "Partial Fractions Mental Method" that you taught us. I've actually learnt partial fractions at school before, but they always give us long and tedious methods. It just takes so long to get the answer. And since there is a lot of working out involved, it's very easy to make mistakes. However your method allows me to do partial fractions in a couple of lines. It's really much faster.

I was also impressed by the "Guide graph" and "Determining the asymptotes technique" since it immensely increases the accuracy and speed of my working out of the question. I've actually been to a Prior trial class on "Curve Sketching" before. Although their teaching methods aren't bad, I prefer your style of teaching, because you teach us tricks that other coaching colleges cannot offer.

(Chris Li, Fort Street HS)

Terry, So far the seminar is good. I’ve learnt a lot of techniques in a very short time. Curve sketching seems very simple, thanks to your techniques.

(Charles Howard, Sydney Tech HS)

I am very impressed with what you could teach us in such easy ways to understand.

Five days seem to fly. This is how good the seminar was. I learnt so many things from you and thank you again for teaching us. Thanks so much for spending your holiday teaching us new tricks.

(Monica Nop, Strathfield South HS)

First of all, I am really happy to come to this seminar. I’ve learnt a lot. Thank you so much for showing me the questions' working processes, and all the tricks you have been teaching during the seminar. It's really sad that today is the last day. Thanks again for your help in Maths.

(Rosa Kao, Randwick Girls HS)

Hi sir, on behalf of the six Cabramatta High students who went to your seminar, I would like to say thank you for teaching us new tricks to solve problems like "partial fractions". Your mental method is worthwhile, it seems to be short and easy. On the other hand I found that the Polynomial is much easier than before, I like your method of finding the "Relations between the roots and coefficient". To tell you the truth sir, on the first day when we walked in to your seminar class, we were surprised by the method of finding the "square root of a complex number". It was fantastic. Very easy, only two to three lines to get the answer. Anyway thanks a lot for your help sir....

(Huy Leng, Cabramatta HS)

I am enjoying the seminar. I have learnt some helpful tips that will help me work faster. 

Thank you for all your help and support. You certainly made Extension 2 Maths seem "do-able".

(Supriya Chowdhury, SCEGGS, Darlinghurst)

The seminar was excellent. I was able to understand and do the questions more confidently. However I felt the 5 day session was too short to understand and master the techniques completely.

I was surprised at the things that were taught here but were not taught at school. These skills which obviously help you work faster will be an advantage in the HSC. Thank you.

(Tina Kim, Girraween HS)

Put it this way. From the moment I walked in, till the moment I walked out of the class, I knew a lot more about curve sketching than I did before. I learnt new techniques which helped me master the topic of curve sketching in an effortless way and at a lightning speed.

(Jason Nguyen, Sydney Tech HS)